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Overwhelmed with your Nigeria commercial receivables?  Performance Source II, LTD. has highly seasoned commercial collectors and key support staff that can manage the collection of your commercial debt and provide your company with professional results in Nigeria and throughout the world.


Commercial Collection Agency

Whether your company requires a collection agency or a collection attorney to collect your Nigeria bad debt commercial receivables, Performance Source II, LTD. has the solution. We provide superior commercial collection agency services in Nigeria and all international countries, no matter where your debtor is located. We can also help with litigation against your commercial debtors by utilizing our international legal network of collection attorneys developed since our agency was founded in 1963.


Performance Source II, LTD. has provided successful commercial collection campaigns for both large and small businesses in Nigeria and elsewhere across the globe for over 50 years. We collect not only in Nigeria but in 200 countries worldwide. Results are key to the success of any collection agency and we provide them in not one but two categories for our valued commercial clients, collection recovery rate and personable service. Our collection recovery rate is considerably above the international average for commercial receivables collected and our client service is always superb and what you would expect from a world class organization. 


Should your company be searching for a top of the line commercial collection agency in Nigeria to handle your commercial bad debt portfolio, then please consider the professional services that we provide. We have many references and testimonials that we can share with you to instill confidence in our abilities and performance in the commercial debt collection arena. We only ask that you consider utilizing our commercial collection agency to collect your Nigeria receivables for one reason and one reason only...because we are different from the rest! 


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